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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Lifestyle Changes Required After You Reach 30

1. Avoiding direct sunlight – Direct sun exposure directly increases Pitta. So, avoid it as much as you can.

2. Less spicy food – More spicy stuff you take, more will be Pitta imbalance. So, just cut it down a bit.

3. Having a bit more of milk and ghee – Ghee increases digestion strength and at the same time, decreases Pitta. Hence, it is ideal. It also keeps gastritis away. Hence, ideal for people with sensitive stomach. Both milk and ghee are said to have Rasayana effect (anti aging), hence good to have. Just a small spoon of ghee per day does not cause any weight gain. Stop worrying.

4. Stop worrying – all childhood days are over, now my own child has taken my place at home, so time to be a grown up. I am trying to be a bit more organized. Do planned work.

5. Stop being angry – Anger and Pitta are related, more you lose your cool, more will be the inside hotness (=pitta). Hence, try to avoid anger with the help of Yoga and Pranayama.Remember, during tensions…. breathe easy.

6. Taking Amla – Amla regularly helps to keep Pitta balance. Either amla powder or amla fruit are good to have at least few times a day.

7. Reduced fasting frequency – I am not an ardent follower of fasting principle. Hence, reduced it a bit, to keep stomach health. If you are  a strict follower of fasting, then it is fine. Or else, go easy on this.

8. Sleep and wake up on time – Any amount of work lag, leftover at night, I just transfer it to next day. Sleeping and waking up early has become paramount. If we divide night into three, the first half is dominated by Kapha Dosha. Hence, going to bed at this time means, getting good sleep. Sleep is influenced by Kapha Dosha. But if we postpone sleep to later hours, Pitta will be dominant by that time, leading to dizziness and headache, the next morning.

9. Including bitter substances in diet – Coriander seeds, turmeric, curry leaves, neem leaves.. anything is bitter is good to have. Generally bitter, sweet and astringent tastes balance Pitta. We need to be a little careful with sweets. Though it balances Pitta, it may cause weight gain. Hence, betting on a few bitters is a better option.

10. Apply coconut oil to hair regularly – to avoid hair loss and grey hairs. Grey hairs is due to Pitta imbalance.

11. Avoid mustard oil for cooking – If you are accustomed to it by birth, then no harm in continuing it. If it is replaceable, consider other options. Any other cooking oil is good to go.

12. Stop smoking and reduce alcohol.

13. Avoiding sitting for long periods of time – Now-a-days many reports are saying that sitting for long is as bad smoking. Hence, I roam here and there once a while during work.

14. Avoid too hot water bath – I have totally quit taking pure hot water bath. It is only just lukewarm or cold water baths these days.

15. Weekly oil massage – I have made it a point to self message with Maha Narayana taila. You can even do it with plain sesame oil. Though massage is not very directly related to Pitta, it is very well related with Vata, which dominates after we cross 50. So, some precautions now is always good.

16. Pranayama – I was already doing it, but now more regularly. It helps to control anger. Anger is related to Pitta. I can think more clearly and work more organizedly on those days when I have done Pranayama, than other days.

17. Raisin and almonds – At about 10 pm, soak 5 black raisins and 5 almonds in water. Next day morning, before food, peal the almond skin and eat it along with the swollen raisins. Both these help to keep Pitta under check.

18. Regular intake of Amla – We have less spicy amla pickle at home.

19. Drinking a cup of water after every hour of work – This makes me get up from my chair and wander around. It helps me avoid staring at computer screen continuously and it also keeps me fresh and hydrated, preventing renal calculi (kidney stone formation).

20. Pitta diet – Basically any fruit, vegetable or dietary item that is sweet, astringent or bitter  plus, it should have calming effect over stomach (should not cause burning sensation in stomach) and should be more on nourishing side (than on cleansing side).  Any such food is good for Pitta control.

So, these are a few changes that are worth considering after you reach 30. This will help to avoid Pitta symptoms like early gray hairs, gastritis, piles, liver complaints, eye disorders, etc.

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