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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Brilliant ads that will make you look twice

An illusion

If in 35 years about 5 billion people have no potable water, are you still going to just sit there and look at it?

For sexier...knees

Leg and foot cream, Boots.

Snow White and Sherlock

Come with a story and leave with another. Book exchange.

A husky and a camel

Jeep SUV.

For all hair types

Garnier Fructis shampoo.


William Shakespeare in your headphones.

Eyes or canned goods?

Whiskas cat food.

Museum night

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

AIAIAI headphones

Making sound sexy since 2006.

You either see the letter or the girl

Don’t text and drive.

Animal beard

Free your skin. Schick razor advertisement.

E = mc2

Simply look smart. Ozeal optics.

Smile more

Sennheiser headphones.

Canadian water park

What a ride!


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