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Sunday, November 6, 2016

People Whose Day Got Unexpectedly Better

1. People are always complaining about the price of gas. Not this lucky guy, though.
Gas Price

2. Sometimes, life is a gamble. But you'll never win if you don't take a shot!

3. This baby had no idea that her mom was going to surprise her with her own personal hot tub.
Baby Tub

4. Sweet, sweet revenge.

5. Sometimes, life is like a fairy tale. Some might say this is a good thing, but I'd be scared to death.
Fairy Tale

6. I don't know who's luckier, the truck driver or the guy in the car! Damnnnnnnn.
Who's lucky

7. When the waiter sneaks you something a little extra. Someone earned their tip.
Earn Tip

8. Now whose glass is half empty? Sometimes it's best to forget about the rules of Lost & Found.
Found a key

9. When your plumber returns your $50 000 gold brick. I bet this happens all the time...
Gold Brick

10. Double yolk? Yes, please. This person better go and buy a lottery ticket.
Double Yolk

11. This guy's day didn't get better, but it definitely COULD have gotten worse. What a close call!
Close Call

12. Best stroke ever? Was that in bad taste? Whatever, it's not like he'll get upset about it.
Best stroke ever

13. Best day ever? Definitely.
Best day ever

14. SO CLOSE. He probably doesn't even know how good of a day he's having.
So close

15. This ladies' man. He doesn't even seem happy!
ladies man

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