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Thursday, October 27, 2016

What The 'Pretty Little Liars' Cast Looked Like Before They Were Famous

GUYS, IT'S HERE. SEASON 7 OF PRETTY LITTLE LIARS IS HERE. Who else is super excited?! There are so many questions that need to be answered in season 7! Are all the Liars okay?! Are the current couples going to stay together?! And, you know, the biggest question after every season is... WHO IS A?! This show is such an emotional roller coaster every week. To get prepared for what A has in store for the Liars and the audience, let's see what the cast used to look like before they started acting on the most popular teen show ever!

1. NOW – We all know and love Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars! She also is a country singer and put out her first album two years ago. Lucy is the queen of eyebrows. Everyone thinks it's Cara Delevingne but it's not! Lucy's eyebrows are on point!

via Disney Wiki

THEN – Lucy was on American Juniors, the kid version of American Idol! She didn't win but that's okay because she's clearly the most famous contestant to come out of that show! And before PLL, Lucy starred on another TV show called Privileged.

via Beamly

2. NOW – Troian Bellisario plays Rosewood's resident nerd, Spencer Hastings. She's also been in the TV show Suits! It's totes adorbs because her fiancĂ©, Patrick J. Adams, is the star of that show! Have you seen them on Instagram? #RelationshipGoals for real.

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THEN – Troian has been acting since she was three years old because her parents were both TV show producers. The rest of us barely even knew how to be a human being at age three – and she was off being an actor!

via Pretty Little Liars Wiki

3. NOW – Ashley Benson plays Hanna Marin, the sassy fashionista. When she's not in Rosewood, Ashley's busy filming movies. She's been in movies with Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez!
Ashley Benson

THEN – Ashley was in 13 Going on 30, which is like the best movie of all time. She was acting for ages before PLL. She used to be on Zoey 101 and Supernatural too!
via J-14

4. NOW – Shay Mitchell looks a LOT different than her athletic character, Emily Fields! When Shay's not busy looking fabulous on the red carpet or running from A in Rosewood, she runs her own YouTube channel! OMG go subscribe now because her videos are amazing!
Shay Mitchell
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THEN – If you're an actor in Canada, you HAVE to appear in Degrassi! Shay did one episode back in 2009 before PLL.Shay
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5. NOW – Ian Harding plays Ezra Fitz on PLL *heart eyes emoji* Even though Ezra and Aria (#EzriaForever) aren't together on the show right now, Ian says not to worry. He said they are endgame! Ezria = OTP. You just have to ship them!
Ian Harding
via thewrap

THEN – Ian only started acting in 2009 when he starred in Adventureland with Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. LOOK AT THAT HAIR. And then Ian discovered hair gel and got it under control. We're all v happy about that.
via seventeen

6. NOW – Sasha Pieterse plays the popular queen of Rosewood, Alison DiLaurentis! Sasha has been busy planning her wedding since she got engaged recently! OMG I hope she invites the PLL cast to her wedding!
Sasha Pieterse
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THEN – Awwwww. Look at how cute Sasha was when she was younger! She was on a TV show back then too. She used to star in a show called Family Affair.
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7. NOW – Tyler Blackburn plays Caleb Rivers. He's also currently one half of #Spaleb! Remember when Tyler left PLL to go star in the spin-off, Ravenswood? TBH, I'm just glad that it got canceled and he's back on PLL! Team #Haleb or Team #Spaleb? LBR, we're Team #AnyCoupleWithCalebIsGood
Tyler Blackburn
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THEN – Whoa. The Justin Bieber hairstyle is strong with this one! Before PLL, Tyler was on an episode of Unfabulous. Remember that Nickelodeon show with Emma Roberts?!
via j-14

8. NOW – Janel Parrish plays nobody's favorite character, Mona! LBR nobody knows what Mona's doing! Is she good? Is she secretly working with A again?!
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THEN – Look how smol Janel used to be! She was on an episode of Baywatch when she was younger. She's so cute!!!
via @JanelParrish

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