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Saturday, October 15, 2016

7 Misconceptions The World Still Has About India

Somehow, despite all the advancements we have made, the world still thinks of India as a land stuck in time. For many who do not really know about our country, or have never bothered to study it, India continues to be a land of snake-charmers, elephants and curries. While there do form a part of traditional India, we as a country are much more than that.

1. We do have a Monsoon" season along with autumn, spring, pre-spring and late-summer.


2. Hinglish is not the only English we know.


3. We are not a land of snake-charmers.


4. Hindi is widely recognised but there are more than a hundred different languages.


5. It wasn't exactly discovered. India had been known by other regional names long before India became India.


6. We do know 'Hi'. 'Hello', 'Hey', 'Pranam' and other regional variants.


7. Heard of Idli, Dhokla, Parathas, Dal-Chawal, Curd-Rice etc,?


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