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Sunday, July 31, 2016

If Vegetables Had Feelings

Do you ever think how rejected the sabjis must feel when you whine about eating them?
How would you feel if you were that rejected sabji? What if they had feelings too? What if they do? How could you hurt someone’s feelings like that?

Who cares, right? They are just vegetables. But still, we tried putting ourselves in their shoes and came up with things that these veggies would probably like to say to us.

1. When you shout, “mummmyyy…. fir tindey bana diye! kya dushmani hai?”, this is probably what a Tinda thinks:

2. When you fall ill and all you get to eat is Lauki

3. Karela has got attitude

4. That’s the hard truth, people.

5. Point taken, Mushroom.

6. Shimla mirch has feelings

7. When your mama leaves you no option but Tori.

8. Ok, we all like Bhindi, but let’s not be pushy.

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