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Monday, December 14, 2015

Useful Tricks That Will Make Your Everyday Life A Whole Lot Easier

1. Want to squeeze lemons but don't have a squeezer?

Source :Pinterest

2. A pistachio you can't open?

Source : Daily Dawdle


3. Do you manage to mess up your mascara every single time? Use a business card to get it right!

Source : Craft or DIY


4. Your favorite lipstick broken in two? Don't worry, it can still be mended.

Source : Find out current info


5. How about some minced garlic for your pasta? Real quick?

Source : Blogspot


6. This is the best and easiest way to separate egg yolk.

Source : ipc digital 


7. Place a glass containing some water in a microwave while re-heating a pizza to prevent it from getting too chewy.

Source : Blogspot


8. There never seems to be enough space in your closet for hangers? Just use soda tabs to make the most of the space!

Source : Mrs. Happy home maker


9. You can't open a can without a can opener, right? Wrong!

Source : Polination


10. Do you always end up making the knot you are trying to open even more difficult to open? The trick is to not pull but twist.

Source : Gawker media


11. Are you one of those who keep mixing up all the different chargers? Use paper clips to sort out your life!

Source : Right at home


12. Keep all your bobby pins in one place and easy to use by hanging a magnetic strip in your dresser.

Source :Blogspot


13. You need not hurt yourself trying to open a jar using a knife. Use duct tape instead.

Source : News nster


14. Does all the dust settled among the keys on your keyboard drive you up the wall? Use post-its to get rid of the dust.

Source : Pinterest


15. Use band aid to make nail art.

Source : Where beauty meets budget


16. Simply use the tab in the coke can to hold the straw in place.

Source : CDN 


17. Pour milk without spilling any by changing the way in which you hold the carton.

Source : Quora CDn


18. To charge your phone quicker, turn airplane mode on.

Source : Pinterest


19. Don't let your cakes go stale by using bread to cover open edges.

Source : First we feast


20. Your phone's alarm not loud enough for you? Place the phone in a glass to magnify its volume.

Source : Singaporeseen


Why didn't I know all of this earlier!

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