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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Clever Psychological Tricks You Can Use In Your Daily Life

Following listed are certain psychological hacks from Ask Reddit community and other sources, that if implemented in daily life, can work a great deal in your favour.

1. For those who find it hard to maintain a soft eye contact, try to figure the eye colour of the person (without making it look like so), and keep smiling all the while.

Keeping a steady eye contact with the person you are making a formal conversation, is an important gesture commonly talked about. However, for reasons besides low-confidence, certain people don’t find keeping a constant eye-contact an easy thing. Which is why, the next time you are trying to be a hit in a meeting, be sure to notice the eye colour of the person you are supposed to be in conversation with. This technique keeps your attention rapt, your confidence high, and increases your chances of getting the ball in your court.

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2. Read feet: If a person turns just the torso towards you and not the feet, they aren’t interested in talking with you.

This one can tell a lot about people’s interest in you. If you find two people talking about something and want to join in to express your opinions, see if they turn just their torsos toward you, or also their feet. If it is just an upper body turn, there are high chances they don’t want you to be a part of the conversation. However, if they turn both, their feet and torso toward you, the story is exactly opposite.

Similarly, if you are talking to someone who has just their upper body facing towards you, take it as a sign that they want the conversation to end.

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3. Be memorable: For an interview, be either the first or the last one to attend in order to stay fresh in the interviewer’s brain.

It is either the first to enter or the last one to enter that stays fresh in minds. Every occurrence in between seems like a fade. This technique can especially help a great deal when you have an important interview to attend.

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4. While arguing, stand next to the person, not in front of them, to get your point delivered straight to their mind.

When a conversation breaks into a courtroom drama, it isn’t a pretty situation. You can have the best of arguments in the world, but it isn’t always a great idea to pile it on the opponent. People tend to get annoyed, violent and abusive when they are made to feel they aren’t right. So as to calm the other person down yet give out your point, stand next to them. Standing in front of them will make you appear as a threat to them, which may push their anger button harder.

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5. A mirror behind the counter will show your angry customers their faces, and they will mellow down.

A forever happy and satisfied customer is a myth. And your job is to keep trying to transform this myth into a reality. However, too much of wrath from one person will wear you down to put your best face forward while meeting the second. Placing a mirror behind the counter helps to change the mood of the customers by showing them how messed up they look with that lightning bolt on their forehead. When they see their angry face in the mirror, they calm down to look pleasant, and your day gets saved.

This is actually a key reason why big mirrors are installed in bars, behind the counters.

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6. Have they not given you a proper answer yet? Stay silent, keep a steady eye contact, it will happen.

Sometimes for whatsoever reasons, people you pose a question to, answer partially. It sure can be annoying and so, you have to stay silent, and keep a constant eye contact maintained with them. If that also doesn’t help, raise the eyebrows, and they will cave. This also gives out an image that you aren’t the kind who will back down without having things done your way.


7. When someone in a group breaks into laughter, they instantly turn towards the one they like the most in the group.

This can help you identify the close bonds easily.

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8. Fake it ’till you make it- Channelize your brain with thoughts of what you want to become. And you will, eventually.

You become your thoughts. So think, talk, act how you want to be in your life. Whatever you feed your mind and body with, you will become it.

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9. Listening to music at a place that affects you adversely, can alter your mood, and change your perceptions of that place.

As explained in the above point, your brain rewires to create a reality you want– Something that can be used to the best of advantage with a little dose of music. You can create a playlist of songs that rise up a wave of positivity in you. Listening to such songs via headphones in a place where you feel negative, will help you create a protective capsule for yourself. And it will channelize your brain to staying positive and happy at such a place.

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10. When in a situation that keeps you exhausted, ask yourself “What am I getting out of it?” And you will come up with the solution.

More often than not, we do things that keep us worried, scared, and anxious, but lead us nowhere good. We do them under certain kind of pressure. However, this attitude keeps us exhausted of ourselves and never happy. So next time you get into a situation that leaves you consumed with such miserable thoughts, ask yourself, “What am I getting out of it?” If the answer is nothing but pain, you know what to do.

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11. Silence is the best way to counter the angry person

To shut down an angry person and make them feel ashamed of themselves, make your silence heard. It always helps.

Fact Source


12. Kindness is the most docile and effective ‘weapon’ ever. Use it immensely.

The power of positivity is always many a times more than that of negativity. And nothing is more painful to the rude and curt than a dose of niceness.

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13. Ben Franklin Effect- Ask them for a ‘small favour’ and chances are they will come useful to you, repeatedly.

According to the proposed principle, chances of a person doing you a favour are more if he has done the same in the past. Chances are more in this case than you obliging the person and then expecting them to do favours for you. Franklin specifically said, “He that has once done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another, than he whom you yourself have obliged.” So, what you have to do is ask people to do you a ‘small favour’, and don’t return it immediately.

The effect says that when they do us a favour, they tend to like us more, because they justify their actions to themselves saying that they did us the favour, because they liked us, otherwise they wouldn’t have.

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14. People remember how you make them feel, not your words. So, evoke emotions wisely.

You can be telling your loved ones the same mainstream lovey-dovey stuff. But, what can set it apart are the emotions with which you express your words. No matter how boring or common is the topic being talked about, make them feel it. This helps a great deal in public speaking, where the ultimate goal is to establish a connection with the audience.

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15. People love the image they have built for themselves, and unless you want them to hate you, don’t attack their self-image.

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16. When the sticky song ruins your day, try to remember the last line of the song.

Nothing is more irritating than a bad song stuck in your brain. In order to break the loop, try to remember the last line of the sticky song, and you will break away from it soon.


17. Refer to people you’ve just met by their names for an instant start of friendship

People feel liked and respected when called by their names. It develops an instant sense of trust and flags off a friendship right away.

Fact Source

It is vital to understand that it is impossible to completely judge or read someone through such means. However, these tricks do help people a great deal.

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