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Friday, December 18, 2015

12 Signs Of A Rock-Solid Relationship

1. You lead different lives, yet carry a part of each other in your hearts

You both are different personalities running in different circles, but you both do share a common taste, the one for each other.


2. You always sort out an argument before going to bed

Both of you could be crying and blaming each other but, you make sure not to carry forward the baggage to the next day.


3. Those little moments of silliness keep your love young

And it’s not even a conscious effort. That’s the beauty of little joys of life.


4. The #Littlethingsyoudo amount to big gestures of love

Inexpensive (yet priceless) surprises & little reminders of “I love you” (without having to say it) never fail to warm up the heart intensely.


5. When you are in a social gathering, just need a smile to communicate

One look at your partner and you know exactly what’s on their mind. :)


6. An evening spent in ghar ka costume, talking to each other, sipping tea is the ideal date for you

Watching a series together or talking about world politics, discussing sweet nothings to arguing about your favourite actors, home is where the heart is.


7. There are also times when you connect without having to communicate because you love them more than words can say

If your partner prefers staying a closed book when things roughen up for them, you understand that. And after all, when words fall short, there’s nothing that a shared cup of coffee (and their head on your lap) can’t fix.


8. The little fixes you do to tell them, “I’ll be there for you” are the signs of your ever-growing love

Your partner feels grateful to have you in their life when you take out a few minutes off your hectic schedule to check on them.


9. You are their rock of support, through thick and thin

Laptop not working? Main hoon na.
Fought with your father? Main hoon na.
Have nothing to eat tonight? Main…order karta hoon na. ?


10. You celebrate no particular day of love. But the day you realize how important you are to each other should be cherished forever as the Platinum Day of Love

..because the day you realized you two are inseparable, needs a name too.


11. You harbor immense respect for each other

You are always mindful of the scars that make them and the talks that break them.


12. And what’s amazing is that you rock your love, without making roof-top announcements

You grow in and with love, selflessly and unconditionally.

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